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Monday, September 04, 2006

Human Embryo at the 8 Cell Stage...At this point in her development, as was true at the moment of her conception, every physical aspect of this tiny baby has been determined. Her curly brown hair and her father's bright green eyes; everything necessary for her to mature is present in these eight little cells.

Click here to read a disheartening story entitled "Couples Cull Embryos to Halt Heritage of Cancer". From the New York Times comes a difficult proposition. Babies concieved who are unique physically, emotionally, etc., are destroyed because they do not fit their parent's picture of the perfect child. Some may say; "Through this method, we can prevent the suffering of persons and their family members." However, those beautiful babies are the unique and individual creations of God who ought to be treated with the dignity owed to all human beings. Also, this genetic picking and choosing is a slippery slope into other grave evils, the choosing of children for physical featrues (i.e. blue eyes), for example. Pray that our culture may come to a renewed respect for life at all stages!


  • At 2:13 PM, Anonymous satireandtheology said…

    What a sad trend in this world. Well I was adopted and glad I was not aborted. I have my share of physical problems but God can still guide me. I appreciate your input on my blogs so I thought I would pass you a note stating that when I upgraded to blogger beta I put both my blogs under one account and was then having trouble downloading You Tube or Google video. I therefore dumped my satire blog in order to have my theology blog back on its own account. I do have a new satire and theology blog though and I managed to transfer articles and comments over. If anyone dislikes having their comments transferred over I can delete:).


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